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How-To Festival

When: May 31, 2014; 12 noon – 3 pm
Germantown Public Library
1925 Exeter Road
Germantown, Tennessee 38138

Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts of all ages are invited to the second annual How-To Festival for an afternoon of fun. Experts in dozens of fields will be on-site to share their special skills and talents with visitors. From woodworking and beekeeping to jewelry making and backyard chickens, there's sure to be something for everyone! Concessions will be available for purchase. No registration required. Call 901-757-7323 for more information.

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Make checks for workshops payable to Memphis Calligraphy Guild
Mail to
Ann Rabinovitz
1696 Belledeer Dr. W., Cordova, TN 38016

For questions telephone Ann at
901-757-2403 or